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Apologies and Appreciation

Hi guys, sorry it’s been awhile. I’ve been working on a couple of new projects and I’m probably going to post about them soon.

In the mean time, I’ve just discovered that the site has NOT been notifying me of a lot of messages and feedback you’ve been leaving on the site… which means when I logged back in today, I got a hell of surprise! There’s a tremendous amount of useful advice and positive feedback. You guys are awesome and I have to say, I particularly appreciate the thank you notes.  It’s a huge boost to me to know that the information I’ve been putting up is helping you all, and I’m really enjoying the stories and the photos of successful good times.

It’s really amazing to see so many people trying new things and exploring new relationships, and even more amazing that you’re crediting me with thanks. Honestly, you’re all really brave for getting out there and trying new things and exploring; I’m really proud of you all! 

Hey, look. For all you guys that marked your feedback as confidential, I wanted to say I appreciate that. Sometimes I like to share success stories and things that have gone well for everyone, but I also don’t want to put up stuff that you’d prefer kept private. So good thinking, and thanks for the clear communication. It makes all of this easier. If anyone is particularly keen for me to share a story or a picture of their successful experience, again, let me know.

I will be posting again soon; one of the commenters supplied a really useful idea, so I’ll add my take to that and then invite others to comment, because we probably all have some useful experience and advice on the topic, so why not?

Happy tying, everyone. I’ll be in touch soon.

Reader Feedback

I got an email from someone this weekend that was just really awesome, and I really enjoyed getting it.

Basically, this lovely woman and her partner had been thinking about getting into rope bondage, and when they actually went to get information on the rope etc, they found this website and found it really helpful. And so she sent the email and let me know that, and made me grin like you wouldn’t believe.

I’m really glad you guys are finding all this useful! It’s always really encouraging to get feedback like that. I hope you two had a fantastic night, and I’ll keep posting additional things so that more people can benefit from the information.

Thanks again, you rock!

A Question To The Readers

Today I have a simple question.

Having read all the stuff on this blog so far, what are some of the questions you have?

I feel like I’ve been saying an awful lot about rope and rope bondage and some of the fun I’ve had with it… and how you can have fun with it, too.  And that’s been great; but it also feels a bit like a one sided conversation, you know?

So what kind of questions do you have? What would you like to know? Do you have questions about me, about bondage? About some of the people I’ve tied?

If you’re curious, what are you curious about?

Comment below.

How To Customise The Feel of Your Rope

When you get all excited about getting into rope and rope bondage, it’s very likely that at some point you’re going to want to send away for some actually really nice rope, for example hemp, or my personal favourite, jute. And you’re probably going to want to get it untreated, because it costs less that way. And fair enough. I did exactly that.
However, when it first arrives, it’s very likely that you’re going to be a little shocked at just how stiff and unyielding it is – and to feel a bit dismayed about the prospect of tying someone up in that. You can just tell that it’s going to be difficult (This is not always the case; individual rope makers create products with varying qualities). You might also be a bit shocked at the machine smell – it can remind some people a lot of kerosene.

Here’s how to make your rope look, smell, and feel a whole lot better.

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Rope and Relaxation

This is a different sort of post; I had an experience last week that I want to talk about.

Last week, for the first time in a long time, I tied a person who is my friend and a fellow top.

And I had an ulterior motive. Continue reading

New Email Service

Hi all!
This is just a heads up to let you all know that I’m going to  be working with a new email service from now on, which means I’ll be moving as many email addresses collected by my site as I can.

Now, this is new to me; I know ropey things pretty well, but the ins and outs of website design and affiliated email services are things I’m still learning about, and I’m going to ask you all to bear with me while I sort it all out.

You may receive new or different looking emails over the next few days as I work out the bugs, but I promise to do my best not to spam you – my intent is to make sure everyone gets the updates they asked for when they signed up, so that’s why I’m doing this.

Thank you all very much for your patience!

Coming Soon: More Bondage Tutorials!

Hi all!

I just wanted to give you all a heads up; yesterday I spent several hours with a couple of good friends putting together a photo collection for more rope bondage tutorials (A bonus of that was I actually learned a new trick which is going to MASSIVELY improve my body harnesses!).

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The Safety Series Part 3: Emotional Safety

There are a lot of times when it’s just not a good idea to do rope bondage.

In fact, the list of when I personally think it’s a terrible idea to do rope bondage is actually a lot longer than when I think it is a good idea.

And most of these things revolve around emotional safety. Sure, physical safety is very very important – as I went over in some detail in the Safety Series Part 2; but those are the obvious pitfalls.

Less obvious pitfalls are the emotional ones.

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A Reader Writes About His Favorite Rope

This is a response email I got from a guy named Sean who had read my “What Kind Of Rope Is Best For Bondage” post. And you know what? I’m really impressed with the amount of work he put into his response.

I really enjoy interacting with those that comment on the blog. It’s a great opportunity to share knowledge and learn from others experience. There are so many of you out there with a lot to contribute, and I’ve learned from some of you already; which tells me that Rope Connections is doing what I created it to do, sharing and pooling knowledge so we can all develop our skills and enjoy rope and rope bondage together.

The reason why I’m putting this response into a post of its own is that I really feel this guy went the extra mile. He shared his story, his knowledge and experience, and some very practical information about the advantages of the rope he’s talking about, and where to get it.

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3 Different Rope Situations And What to Expect From Them

One of the most common causes of discontent regarding rope bondage is having vague, unrealistic expectations, or worse, floundering around because you just don’t know what you should or shouldn’t expect.

And that’s a troublesome thing – when you don’t know the expectations for a particular situation, it’s easy to entirely misjudge what’s going on or even what the point of what you’re doing is supposed to be.

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