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Bondage, Floggers, and Dungyms.

Post play review is a practice I like to do following more involved bits of rope bondage and BDSM play. It helps me remember everything that happened (details often get fuzzy during the high of all the fun) and it also helps me to analyze what went well, and what I can learn to do better next time. They are always ridiculously candid and unpolished, so as to better capture the actual feelings of the moment.

Want to see how that works?

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That Time I Found Out I Was A Rope Suspension Bottom

Over the last few weekends, Blue and I have been doing hip harness testing with various harnesses for rope suspension purposes. I really like hip harnesses; they’re a lot of fun, and honestly when you’re learning suspension I think they’re probably one of the most important directly suspension related ties a person should learn.

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New Book Formats Are Now Available

Following several requests for formats other than Amazon’s .mobi, I’ve put a fair amount of effort into organizing new formats and a new pathway to purchase Rope Bondage The Smart Way, the book containing the best parts of everything I’ve learned about rope bondage in the last six years.

So if you would prefer the PDF or an ePUB version of the book, it is available here. It also comes with a new guide for getting through your first bondage scene – for those of you who have already bought the book, you should be able to access the update through syncing and downloading updates with your device. Continue reading New Book Formats Are Now Available

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Thanks For The Feedback!

I recently emailed all the people who were on my mailing list about what I can do to help you guys further; I think it’s great to have that interaction and build a bit more communication with you all.

I had a bunch of really great responses, and that has been enormously helpful. Because I got that feedback, I can now deliver more content in line with your interests and what you want to learn next; and sometimes, if it’s stuff I don’t already know, then it gives me a bit more direction for learning; I can learn it for you guys, make it simpler, and then share it with you all.

It’s a great win-win; I end up learning more rope stuff and testing it out, and that makes learning easier for you guys as well! I can even share my mistakes, so you can learn what NOT to do; several people have indicated that they found that helpful.

It’s sometimes a little bit embarrassing for me, but hey; if it helps you guys, I’ll continue doing it.

Other Things I’m Working On:

I’m currently working on setting up a shopping cart and sales page etc for Rope Bondage The Smart Way here on Rope Connections. I’ve had a bunch of messages indicating that Amazon is a pain in the ass for people to leave reviews on, and I’ve also had requests for different formats than just the Amazon one.

So basically I’m going to try and set up a system that allows people to purchase directly off the site, and hopefully receive multiple different formats in one easy download. There’s quite a bit of work involved, so I appreciate your patience, guys – I’m working on this every morning before I go to my day job, and I’m optimistic that it will be up and running in a couple of weeks.

Additional Material For the Single Column Tie

One of the responses I got back from emailing all you guys was a request from a guy named Tim for a video showing how to do the Burlington Bowline, going both over a limb and under a limb.

Here you go Tim! I’m also placing this on my “First Tie You Should Learn” post, in addition to the picture tutorial. I hope it helps!

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How To Tie A Box Tie For Suspension – Pete Riggs

Lately I’ve been relearning suspension practices from the ground up,  due to a long period of spending more time writing than practicing or actually doing suspension. Shortly, Blue and I and a bunch of our local friends are going to be attending a workshop on Japanese suspension; this tutorial video shows the base of the “90% Takate Kote” or box tie that we’re informed we’re going to be using. This isn’t my video; I’m effectively curating it for my own use and for others who are interested in practicing the functional base of the box tie or takate kote. Many thanks to Moco for creating it; he’s done a brilliant job describing the mechanics of it.

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