Getting Started With Rope Bondage

For those who are new to rope bondage, I have created a resource that is roughly 50% the best of what’s on my blog, and 50% new material, all of it designed to help you learn all the best tips and tricks of rope bondage as quickly and easily as possible, so that you can move right on into having a good time.

This is Rope Bondage The Smart Way. 

Rope Bondage The Smart Way

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When my girlfriend first asked me to tie her up,  I didn’t have a freaking clue what to do.  That was not a fun experience. Since then, I’ve picked up all sorts of tips and tricks, most of which will get shared at one point or another.  And you know what? There have been a surprising number of people who have been interested both in being tied up and in learning how to tie people up. This page is designed to organize some of my posts into the “nuts and bolts” of rope bondage, so that those just starting out have a way to make sense of it all.

Enjoy your reading!

RANDOM (even I don’t know what will come up)



Twisted Monk Bondage Rope Review 

The Ultimate Orgasm Machine 

My Favorite Success Story

Tim’s Great Success

Why We Do It

Ten Surprising Benefits of Rope Bondage

Why People Like Being Tied Up

Why We Tie People Up

Why Suspension Is Even A Thing

Frequently Asked Questions About Rope Bondage

What Kind Of Rope Is Best For Bondage?

What Should You Have In Your Rope Kit?

How Do I Practice Without A Model?

Pete’s Notes On Cleaning Rope

Rope Ends: Knotted Vs Whipped

Knotted Vs Whipped: The Update

How To Customise The Feel Of Your Rope

How To Be An Awesome Rope Bottom

How We Play Safely With Rope

The Safety Series Part 1: Physical Risks of Rope Bondage

The Safety Series Part 2: Solving Problems Before They Happen

The Safety Series Part 3: Emotional Safety

How To Negotiate A Rope Scene

When You Shouldn’t Do Rope Bondage; or any other kink scene

Working With That Pesky Radial Nerve

How We Tie People Up

The First Rope Bondage Tie You Should Learn

The Most Useful Tie You Will Learn

How To Tie Off To Bed Legs and Other Things

How To Add More Rope

My Favorite Way Of Tying Wrists

Three Ways To Improve The Look Of Your Bondage

Leg Ties

How To Tie An Armbinder

How To Tie A Chest Harness

The Secondary Column Tie

Rope Bondage The Smart Way Preview:Fun and Games with Crotch Ropes
Rope X Tables 

Preventing People From Undoing Your Knots 

Cross Legged Ties 

Fast Bondage Tie – And An Embarrassing Story

Useful and Fun BDSM Knowledge 

How To Create A Home Dungeon And Bondage Frame

Consensual Non-Consent: How To Play Rape Your Partner 

Rope Bondage As Therapy

Forced Orgasms: Fantasy and Implementation 

Odd Bits And Pieces Including My Personal Life 

Introducing Blue 

More coming soon!

In the mean time, you should really check out the blog; there’s a ton of additional stuff in there including some very fun photos and discussions about rope bondage.

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