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How To Tie A Box Tie For Suspension – Pete Riggs

Lately I’ve been relearning suspension practices from the ground up,  due to a long period of spending more time writing than practicing or actually doing suspension. Shortly, Blue and I and a bunch of our local friends are going to be attending a workshop on Japanese suspension; this tutorial video shows the base of the “90% Takate Kote” or box tie that we’re informed we’re going to be using. This isn’t my video; I’m effectively curating it for my own use and for others who are interested in practicing the functional base of the box tie or takate kote. Many thanks to Moco for creating it; he’s done a brilliant job describing the mechanics of it.

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Consensual Non-Consent: How To Play Rape Your Partner

Today I’m discussing consensual non-consent, because that’s been coming up a lot in my relationship of late. This post will contain lots of trigger words and ideas, including rape; actually, lots of that; so if you’ve had a bad experience, it’s likely to be like a punch in the face. Think twice before clicking; for some of you it might not be wise. Continue at your own risk.

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How To Create A Simple Home Dungeon For BDSM

Today I’m discussing a very versatile piece of equipment for practicing BDSM in the home, and which comes a lot of additional compound benefits. I can absolutely promise that this will provide some very good ideas for play or for your own home dungeon; how you use those ideas will be up to you. I do have to say though, that I’m very excited about this piece of equipment; and I’m already having a hell of a lot of fun using it. It’s been a very fun week!

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You Guys Are Awesome

Seriously. I mean it.

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Rope Bondage The Smart Way Preview: Fun and Games With Crotch Ropes

This post is taken directly from some of the new material in Rope Bondage The Smart Way. There’s quite a lot like it in there, but I chose this particular piece to offer for free because it’s quite a lot of fun, and is useful for all sorts of things (Also, Blue is pretty hot. I’m enjoying showing her off, and I’m proud of her inventiveness).

I wasn’t planning to do a crotch rope tutorial, because honestly they’re pretty easily found on the Internet.

However, due to a recent and very fun occurrence, I’ve decided that in conjunction with the right information, they’re so freaking valuable that I should most definitely not miss them out. That would be a terrible plan. You DEFINITELY deserve the opportunity to enjoy this. If you read to the bottom of the post, you might just learn a very useful new trick.

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New Book: Rope Bondage The Smart Way

Lately, I’ve been working on an additional project, designed to be of greater help than this site is. And it’s finally finished.

So for those of you who have been requesting a book form of what can be found on this site… you’re getting your wish!

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Introducing Blue

Blue has already been featured on this blog, in the post about silk or satin robes, which I highly recommend as a bondage accessory, by the way. And she’s going to be on the blog quite a bit more, so I thought it was time for an official introduction.

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How To Treat Hemp Rope For Bondage (Guest Post)

Today I have a guest post from Tess, a rope artist who has supplied a significant amount of information on hemp rope and how to treat hemp rope in the comments on the best rope for bondage. Because not everybody reads the comments, I asked her permission to turn the information into a coherent post, so that more people will have the chance to see it and apply this knowledge when thinking about getting or treating hemp rope for bondage.  The pictures within this post were supplied by Tess (note: the featured photo shows hemp (top) and Moco jute (bottom) both processed the same way, on the same day. The hemp was washed first and has been used since; but look at the difference!)

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An Addition To The Rope Kit; A Silk or Satin Robe

Remember that post on what to have in your rope kit? Well, I have an addition to that, and it’s a LOT of fun.

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Enter The Marionnette

This post discusses a fun little suspension that I learned from Mishibari on Youtube; when and how I’d use it, and how freaking fun it is.  Continue reading

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