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Rope Bondage The Smart Way Preview: Fun and Games With Crotch Ropes

This post is taken directly from some of the new material in Rope Bondage The Smart Way. There’s quite a lot like it in there, but I chose this particular piece to offer for free because it’s quite a lot of fun, and is useful for all sorts of things (Also, Blue is pretty hot. I’m enjoying showing her off, and I’m proud of her inventiveness).

I wasn’t planning to do a crotch rope tutorial, because honestly they’re pretty easily found on the Internet.

However, due to a recent and very fun occurrence, I’ve decided that in conjunction with the right information, they’re so freaking valuable that I should most definitely not miss them out. That would be a terrible plan. You DEFINITELY deserve the opportunity to enjoy this. If you read to the bottom of the post, you might just learn a very useful new trick.

So my lovely partner Blue and I had a date where she decided to put on an erotic show for me. I like these shows. They should happen more often ( I might arrange that).  And this show involved excellent use of a crotch rope, so much so that I was really impressed. I learned new things, in addition to having a spectacular time.

So first I’m going to give you my tutorial for the tie, along with some of the uses, and then I’m going to get quite a lot more specific about a very fun thing you can do with it, and a piece of equipment I highly recommend that you obtain.  Sadly, this is a female only version; I don’t know the guy one, but I bet with some thought, you can come up with something.

Idea: I suspect if you use the split rope from Variant 2, and create a half hitch between the split ropes above the cock and another below the balls (use the example from the Secondary Column Tie for this;) and perhaps even one between cock and balls, you’ll be on your way to creating a nice crotch rope for a guy’s bits as well. The advantage to using half hitches is you can adjust and tighten very easily to fit pretty snugly. I’ll be interested in any feedback or outcomes that result from that idea; please add results from experimentation to the comments!

Type of Rope:

Blue and I had a good discussion about this; and sadly, we agreed that there is no clear winner for this. I’m showing the tie with cotton rope, but nylon or synthetic can work as well. Cotton will be softer, but have more friction; nylon will be slicker, but also firmer and may dig in more. Silk might be very fun, but it’s going to be up to the person wearing the rope. As for jute or hemp, you’re likely to get a combination of high friction and firmer rope; use at your discretion, and remember; you’re going to have to wash it. So bear that in mind when choosing your rope as well.

How To Do The Tie

Start with a reverse tension single column tie around the waist (“reverse tension” means you’ll put the rope through your original bight, then pull back to tighten a little)

You’re probably going to want to make at least two wraps, at which point you’re going to need to lock off your tension so it doesn’t tighten too hard. Fortunately, that’s pretty easy.

You make a loop, and then effectively make a half hitch which closes on itself to lock everything off nicely, with the rope going downward.

Now things get interesting.

Variant 1:

A nice tight line with a knot in it. The idea is that the line and knot pass between the labia, and the knot is in such a position that with the slightest back and forth motion, it will rub against the clitoris. However, due to the various changes in tension that can occur over time with a tie like this, it’s often a good idea to tie multiple knots in a row, so as to optimize your chances of making contact in the way that you want to.


Variant 2:

A split line. This can be particularly helpful. Blue worked this out on her own, and then found that other people on the Internet (specifically Tumblr) were doing it too. The idea is that each line goes on either side of the clitoris and is quite tight. What this does; basically, it forces the hood of the clitoris back and leaves the clitoris more exposed, and thus more available for stimulation. Very, very useful when the biology is such that the person in question has either an overly protective hood or a smaller clitoris; I have it on very good authority that it makes it a hell of a lot easier to get off reliably.

The line then passes down beneath the crotch, and then comes up between the cheeks on the other side, and then beneath the waist wraps. How tightly you do this is up to you; different people will have different preferences with regard to tightness. You’ll want to test.

At this point, you have some fantastic options for various predicaments. You can attach the end to a harness, or hands, or hair, or even keep it in your hand if you want to have a direct effect on how tight the rope is or how it moves in any given situation. You can actually vibrate the taut line with a vibrator, and the rope will transmit the vibration to where it does the most good. There’s a lot that can be done for fun and profit.

In this instance though, we’re going to tie off. There’s a few different ways to do that; because I have extra rope to use up, I’m going to make a friction and then use the rest of the rope for added comfort.

The rope goes under the waistband, back down to one side over the waistband, and then passes beneath the stem. It then goes back over the waistband, coming back down beneath before you wrap around the stem to lock off the tension again.

At this point, if you still have a lot of left over rope left, I suggest wrapping around the waist a few times for added support, then tucking the ends away beneath the waistband.

(According to Blue, this also feels quite sexy and supportive. )

Now we move on to something else.

Have you ever heard of a Sybian?

Google it. Go on. I’ll wait.

For those who can’t be bothered, a Sybian is effectively a nice, rounded, vibrating machine that people can seat themselves on for vibratory enjoyment purposes. They often include a rod which can move around or vibrate, upon which can be attached various insertables.

Here’s how to combine a crotch rope with something that reminds me very much of that.

You Will Need:

  • A nice split line harness, attached where the split does the most good.
  • A wall-powered vibrator; I highly recommend the Fairy Wand version, but a Hitachi will probably work just as well.
  • A pillow which is both reasonably firm, yet still soft enough to bend. Firmness is important.
  • A towel. You really don’t want to forget the towel.

Take your pillow, and roll it up into a cylinder.


Next, cover said pillow with a towel of whatever color. Get your Fairy Wand or other wall-powered vibrator, and plug it into the wall (I got mine from eBay; if the plug doesn’t match your socket, you can get universal plug adaptors. Very useful).


Next, insert the vibrator deep into the rolled up pillow, and switch on.



And then, have your nicely tied person go for a ride. It’s a VERY fun thing to watch. The vibration is transmitted through the entire pillow, meeting the legs and every part touching it, and the split rope harness adds to the connection between the person and your home made device nicely; pretty much ensures a good contact with the most sensitive point.

One last variant; crotch rope harnesses are also very good for holding in insertables, and they conduct the vibration wonderfully.

For a more detailed explanation of the mechanics:

For those who have sensitive enough bits that direct contact with a powerful vibrator overwhelms them before orgasm, this becomes a very useful device. The vibration accumulates through thighs and groin at a tolerable rate, the crotch harness transmits and focuses the sensation, and there is plenty of room for riding and enjoying  friction, on top of the building vibration. Insertables can make for an additional fun component to this game.

For both the person riding, and for the person watching or otherwise interacting with the rider, this can make for a very, very good time.

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