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Introducing Blue

Blue has already been featured on this blog, in the post about silk or satin robes, which I highly recommend as a bondage accessory, by the way. And she’s going to be on the blog quite a bit more, so I thought it was time for an official introduction.

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​Finding Partners And Teachers For Bondage – Pete Riggs

I’m writing this post in response to a very well written and politely worded email from a gentleman named Steve.
I’ve written a lot about learning how to tie and useful ways to practice, as well as why people enjoy bondage.
What I haven’t written about so much is how to find partners in your nearby community, and how to meet people with that common interest in rope or in being tied up,and building your reputation so that people feel safe to approach you.
So I’m going to lay out a few strategies, and then I’m going to leave a call to action for others to add additional ideas on the comments, because it’s a big wide world and it’s always great to get additional ideas from others who do this kind of thing.

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How To Tie A Chest Harness

For this post, I’m going to be going over the basic principles of tying a chest harness, which is a pretty awesome tie. I use them a LOT, for various different purposes.

The post will cover

  • what they’re used for
  • limitations of the harness
  • and the important principles of how to tie them.

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How Individual Relationships Completely Change Rope Bondage

You’d think that tying one person would be much like tying another…

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10 Surprising Benefits of Rope Bondage

7486455230_9a72aa415d_hWhen I was first starting out with rope, I had trouble understanding the appeal of it. I certainly had no idea of how popular it was, the doors it could open, and the many benefits it could add to my life.

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