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An Addition To The Rope Kit; A Silk or Satin Robe

Remember that post on what to have in your rope kit? Well, I have an addition to that, and it’s a LOT of fun.

I’ve come across a bunch of kinbaku and other videos that feature the model being in a robe, and those looked rather nice. It had a kind of fun traditional Japanese look to it, but what really got my attention was the possibilities in messing with the rope bottom’s headspace even further, and some of the more practical aspects.

So I experimented with this, and it was an incredible amount of fun. I did a bondage scene first, with my new partner, and then after reflecting on that experience I decided to take some pictures and do a blog post, because it was so much fun that I wanted to share it with you all immediately, so you could do it yourselves.

But of course, before I do that, let’s discuss any potential downsides, so you have an informed perspective.

  • The robe does have the slight annoyingness of bundling up around your fingers sometimes as you’re trying to tie. That’s a thing. It can be pesky.
  • It can be a little harder to locate those muscle groups on the arms so you can place your rope correctly, and the rope tends to slide a little more over the slippery surface. So you need to be careful about your placement, and keep an eye on slippage. That said, if you’re not suspending, it’s not what I consider a high risk situation.

Okay, done.

Now for the fun part!

The first thing I really enjoy about tying someone who’s wearing a satin robe – is that I’m allowing them to keep a layer of “modesty”. I’m not stripping all their clothes away at once. Oh no. This is much, much more fun than that. They’re very much aware that they’re naked beneath the robe (or wearing very little), and that the only thing between me and them is a thin layer of satin or silk. Suddenly, that thin layer is something they’re very aware of.

And, of course, you can play with that, by messing with some parts of the robe and exposing some body parts, but not others. This draws their attention to the exposed body part and makes them wonder what you’re going to do… and if they’ve been bratty earlier on, then that can definitely include spankings.


Another really fun thing you can do is use the robe to create a cocoon; in effect, using that layer of modesty against them. That can be interesting, and wreak havoc with a person’s mindset. That extra layer of modesty and protection now has them trapped.

(The below tie is a very simple “ladder” similar to the armbinder tutorial, but without cinching and using a “reverse tension” style. I’ve then hooked the rope into the existing harness ,then vined back down the stem with my leftover rope. It creates what appears to be a full body tie, but is really just two separate ties linked together).

Of course, just because they think they’re safe and that the rope is helping them to keep all that modesty… doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. And it’s fun to remind your bottom of that. 

It’s also fun to start adding other things in… because that full body tie or cocoon really limits their struggling, while still allowing them to writhe around and make as many protesting squeaks as you like.


And of course, once you’ve created that tie it’s not difficult to gain access to their underside either, particularly if you have an overhead point to attach to. God I’m going to miss my rafters when I move out of here.

Here’s a really fun use of the robe. It’s very easy to secure your bottom’s wrists (The Most Useful Tie You Will Learn)  and then flip their protective garment up into a hood, tying it shut over their face. This has an interesting effect of again using their “protective” garment against them, while at the same time exposing the rest of their body.

(she had her hair tied up in a particularly cute way, so now she has kitty ears with the hood! That was fun to make happen)

The hood is pretty easy to secure if you use a “reverse tension” style; you hook the end through your original bight, creating another bight through it, and then pull another loop through that. Almost the exact same technique as “The Quick Fix Tie Off” in “Tying People To Things

Once you’re done playing around, there is of course the aftercare aspect. I think this is where the robe is actually really really practical, and really really handy. Throughout the play, if you’ve made good use of the robe, then your rope bottom has lost a lot less body heat than they ordinarily would (because rope bottoms tend to be relatively inactive when tied up). The robe becomes added insulation, which is freaking great. Bottoms get cold a lot sooner than Tops; after all, we’re doing most of the work.

Afterwards, you can wrap that robe around them again while you cuddle them close and you both celebrate the good time you just had. It’s like having a built-in sub blanket – super handy and practical (though if it’s winter then I’d recommend getting a blanket anyway, satin or silk will only insulate so far).


These robes aren’t that expensive to get; you can get relatively cheap ones, and best of all, they bundle up really really small, so they fit very well into your rope kit or, in my case, duffel bag. I definitely recommend having one or two available that fit your partner or partners.

Seriously, get one!

Thanks for reading guys! Still really enjoying sharing new stuff as I discover it or come across it, this website is a  really fun way to interact with you. I’ve been getting a lot more links from Reddit and other places too, so I’m really glad to know that this stuff is useful for you all.