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Looking at supporting someone’s weight in bondage

Rope Suspension: Applying Systematic Learning

Today I’m going over the results of a rope suspension learning session from a few weeks ago. I have two excellent reasons for documenting this – one of them is for me, and one of them is for you.
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How To Tie A Box Tie For Suspension – Pete Riggs

Lately I’ve been relearning suspension practices from the ground up,  due to a long period of spending more time writing than practicing or actually doing suspension. Shortly, Blue and I and a bunch of our local friends are going to be attending a workshop on Japanese suspension; this tutorial video shows the base of the “90% Takate Kote” or box tie that we’re informed we’re going to be using. This isn’t my video; I’m effectively curating it for my own use and for others who are interested in practicing the functional base of the box tie or takate kote. Many thanks to Moco for creating it; he’s done a brilliant job describing the mechanics of it.

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Enter The Marionnette

This post discusses a fun little suspension that I learned from Mishibari on Youtube; when and how I’d use it, and how freaking fun it is.  Continue reading

The Booto Hip Harness

I honestly couldn’t decide whether to call this hip harness the “Booto” or the “Hot Cross Bum”, but I’ve decided to go with “Booto” because it’s shorter. This thing is really useful for partial and full suspensions, and potentially for increasing sensitivity on the ass as well, should you be keen on that sort of thing (think spanking and impact).

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