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Your Rope x Tables (also known as how to practice rope effectively)

How To Practice Rope Effectively:

The rope x tables is intended to give you an exercise program that helps you practice the core rope skills and techniques, so that you get better faster and in a more organized way.

Pro-Tip: Practice tying slowly at first, to get the details right. Speed comes with further practice. Once details and speed feel natural, utilize the below maxims for greatest effect.

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Kilonewtons and Gear

Adding to the site because yesterday I was asked a question by a newbie and I realized (after I had answered with something stupid, that actually sounded REALLY stupid) I had completely forgotten and had to ask someone else.

So I’m actually writing it down, because otherwise I’ll forget. And what’s a website for, if not writing things down so you don’t forget, and sharing it with others?

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The Ups and Downs of Suspension

Suspension is something that frequently comes up with regard to rope bondage. People see pictures of it, and are awed at how graceful, beautiful, and intense it looks.  Rope artists and riggers want to learn it, to do it; rope bottoms want to try it.

This post discusses the ins and outs, the ups and downs, and most importantly, the whys of suspension.

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A Question To The Readers

Today I have a simple question.

Having read all the stuff on this blog so far, what are some of the questions you have?

I feel like I’ve been saying an awful lot about rope and rope bondage and some of the fun I’ve had with it… and how you can have fun with it, too.  And that’s been great; but it also feels a bit like a one sided conversation, you know?

So what kind of questions do you have? What would you like to know? Do you have questions about me, about bondage? About some of the people I’ve tied?

If you’re curious, what are you curious about?

Comment below.