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What Should You Have In Your Rope Kit?

This is another  one of those awful questions which is most efficiently answered by “That’s entirely dependent on you and your individual tastes and style”.
But, as I’ve already mentioned, I rather hate that kind of answer. So I’m going to actually discuss some of the factors that affect this, and hopefully I’ll be able to provide some food for thought and actually help you make some informed choices about how long your rope lengths are, how many of them you have, etc.

I’m going to discuss
– the typical lengths of rope, and why
– the number of lengths of rope, and why
– and other important bits and bobs that it’s very handy to have in your rope kit.

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How To Customise The Feel of Your Rope

When you get all excited about getting into rope and rope bondage, it’s very likely that at some point you’re going to want to send away for some actually really nice rope, for example hemp, or my personal favourite, jute. And you’re probably going to want to get it untreated, because it costs less that way. And fair enough. I did exactly that.
However, when it first arrives, it’s very likely that you’re going to be a little shocked at just how stiff and unyielding it is – and to feel a bit dismayed about the prospect of tying someone up in that. You can just tell that it’s going to be difficult (This is not always the case; individual rope makers create products with varying qualities). You might also be a bit shocked at the machine smell – it can remind some people a lot of kerosene.

Here’s how to make your rope look, smell, and feel a whole lot better.

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How To Use Negotiation For A Rope Scene

Let’s assume you’ve met someone that you want to tie up, and they’re interested in being tied up by you.

Do you a) just tie them up with no further discussion?

Or b) have some talks about it first? In other words, negotiate?

Here’s a hint. Don’t go with A.

This post will discuss:

  • The expectations of a scene
  • Learning about physical and mental health
  • Establishing communication guidelines
  • Negotiating aftercare
  • Discussing the other activities that can take place during the scene
  • Personal preferences
  • And a wee bonus tip that saves a lot of hassle

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