​For those who are new to rope bondage, I have a tremendous amount of empathy for that. I still remember what it was like, and all the mysteries surrounding it, and all the things that people didn’t talk about. Sure, you could find information on how to tie someone up, but there was less out there about what the point was, why people enjoy it, and all the other mysteries surrounding it, including how to make it sexy and hot.

So I’ve created a solution to those questions. 

This book is roughly 50% the best of the blog, and 50% new material, all aimed at smoothing the way for learning and applying rope bondage to have a fantastically hot time. It includes useful and  fun things to do, things to avoid, and lots of other information, including ideas for what you can do with your partner once they’re tied up, how to make it sexy, finding partners in the first place, and other topics, such as
understanding the “why” of rope bondage, and why people are into it, as well as:

– the safety aspects of rope bondage
– finding the right rope for you
– customizing the rope to suit your preferences
– learning useful bondage ties
– explaining how and when to use those ties
– tying different parts of the body
– finding partners and teachers
– negotiating what you want to do with your partner
– useful information for the person being tied up
– how to plan and carry out your bondage scene
– making it sexy and hot
– tricks and tips for inescapability
– more ideas for what you can do after your partner is tied up
– taking hot pictures

The idea is that this book takes the best of what’s on the blog, plus all the additional material I’ve added, and then condenses it all into an easily read package that you can read on Kindle, phone, tablet,  or computer via the free Kindle app.