Teaching and Lessons

In addition to the website I occasionally teach in person!

(Note; this is restricted to Christchurch, New Zealand)

This is pretty fun; so far the lessons have been a very good time for all, and I’m definitely open to doing that with more people.

Topics I cover:

  • Negotiation
  • Safety practices
  • Types of rope
  • How to do various ties
  • How to create your own tie
  • How to add connection and make it sexier or more intimate
  • How to change the mood of a scene
  • Useful tips and tricks on finishing rope, dyeing rope, etc.

Lesson times are either after work hours (6pm onwards) or during the weekend; I charge a flat rate of $20 per hour as this is during my free time, and that’s rather precious to me. That said, I’m not expensive; I also really want to deliver value for money, so I fill the time with as much useful content as possible.

After the lesson, I like to give out a free bit of rope so people can practice and not lose the new knowledge and skills they’ve just picked up, and I’ll link you to useful resources (where to get safety shears, etc).

If you want to get in touch, flick me an email at pete.riggs42@gmail.com, or use my contact page.

Note: Currently on holiday from in-person teaching as career has taken up far too much time and energy, and the book is a better deal for your wallet anyway.

Some feedback and testimonials are below. 


Hi Pete, here’s my two cents about your class.

Petes’ Classes are amazing value for money; affordable, not ‘cheep’, good value while never skipping on quality instruction.
I was especially grateful for Pete taking the time to meet with me and my rope bottom to discuss the upcoming lesson and asking what my learning style is, of all the classes Ive been in for any hobby, no other instructor has ever asked what my learning style is, nor what I would like to learn.

I was also incredibly impressed with the way Pete took the time to go over and demonstrate how to play safely, how to check the partner is ok, how to remedy some discomforts. The final point that really caught my attention was how all of the material in class can be revised in your own time using the rope connections website; its like a study guide.

In terms of learning to tie someone up, I already had a basic understanding of many of the ties that were presented but what I found was that every tie I did could be done a different way that made things much less cumbersome and less awkward, generally safer in all instances, not to mention making everything sexy as hell. I also liked how everything was very simple and to the point, everything built off the previous skill; the double column builds on the single column, and the dragonfly sleeve uses the double column tie throughout. Had I gone into the class knowing nothing I know I would have walked away with a very healthy arsenal of ideas to play with.

All in all Petes class could be summed up by describing a general air of safety, not just physically but emotionally too; having never played with rope bondage very much before, I wondered going into asking someone for a class if I would feel like I had to compete with the instructor for my partners interest, from first meeting Pete it was clear that this wasn’t an issue I would have to face.

Our second class is already booked  😀

Go to a class guys, you will have so much fun both during and after, Scott



“Hello :0 Sorry i’m so delayed i had a sudden desire to clean the house haha 😛

Anywhoo thank you so very much for last night i learnt so much you are a great teacher!

So good stuff hmm firstly your lovely self, Steff was really nervous before we got there and once she actually met you she chilled right out so that was amazing, you create a very relaxed atmosphere to learn in which is freaking amazing 😛

Also i like that you can do stuff super slow mo and over and over so my brain can keep up haha its really helpful to see the process a bunch of times before giving it a go myself and having steps rather than one fluid motion is really helpful also.

I liked that you gave me a chance to fix my mistakes by myself before stepping in if i needed it, made me feel less stupid and like i can get myself out of a problem if i create it.

ummm haha im not sure what else!! the only bad thing is that now i just want more!! might have created a monster here 😛

Oh! All the stuff you went over at the start was really helpful too about safety etc, i think a lot of people would not think about doing that and just get straight into teaching the actual ropey goodness, which is probably not particularly safe haha so it put me at ease a bit more, and will be helpful when i go to tie someone up i know what i need to go over with them 🙂

I loved everything haha i hope this is somewhat helpful to you and the kind of thing you were after haha :P”




“Hi Pete,

Thanks again for taking me on and teaching me the ropes. I really enjoyed the first lesson and felt that I had learnt a substantial amount about rope bondage in just 2 hours. I just have a few suggestions and compliments which I noted during and after class.

The safety tutorial was great. I found it very informative and necessary as this kind of ‘hobby’ presents a number of risks which when not done properly, can be very dangerous. There were some things which I didn’t give much thought until now. These include things like: knots tightening, nerve damage, and falling from suspensions. This was explained clearly and should be essential to any beginner’s class.

After the safety talk I really wanted to get into practicing tying the knots. This was staggered as you had started explaining the different types of rope you use in a fair bit of detail. This was redundant as you explained them again when I was trying out each of the ropes. It would have been better if we just jumped straight in and then you explained each of the characteristics of the ropes as we went along. That way I would get a practical feel of what the ropes were like and didn’t have to wait so long to get involved.

Overall though, it was an excellent class and I had a lot of fun. I thought you communicated clearly and the layout by building on basic principles was brilliant. I’m looking forward to practicing more of the ties in the next class and combining them in multiple cylinder ties, harnesses, and leg ties?

Kind regards,