My name is Pete Riggs.Keyhole 3

I first got into rope bondage about six years ago, because I had a girlfriend who really wanted to be tied up – which was new to me. That required some learning, all right.

Since that time, I’ve come a long way. I’ve spent four years learning from all sorts of sources, books, videos, getting one to one instruction, dvds, the Internet, and from my own experience in tying some absolutely lovely people. It’s all adding up… and it’s adding up to a lot of fun.

Rope feels natural to me now, and I get a lot of joy out of providing those shiveringly hot intense times that can come with rope bondage, and out of creating beautiful and hot scenes with rope bondage and shibari.

I don’t consider myself a rope master, or a guru; rather, I’m using this site to organize and share the things that I learn and also discuss tricks and tips with my readers, so that we can all learn together.

One of the plus sides to doing this is that all the study and knowledge I gain from books, videos, instruction and practice gets sort of condensed together, filtered, and then the best of it gets put in one place. Here, at Rope Connections.

My general style with rope and rope bondage is based loosely upon shibari; I use shibari as the base of my style because I love the simplicity and the aesthetic of it;  because it’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s damn sexy. I’m not going for Japanese authenticity here; for me recreation is not the point. The point is having fun; experiencing intimacy, connection, and hot times with others.

Outside of all this, I’m a full time professional; I read a lot of gorgeous fantasy fiction, and enjoy a lot of Netflix. I geek out pretty hard, and get ridiculously excited over things like new Star Wars movies, and watching Dr Who on Netflix with appropriate company. I love swimming and enjoy visiting the beach on occasion.

I’ve recently developed an interest in minimalism – it’s really amazing how less stuff feels like more freedom.

I like to teach, I like to support others, and I like to geek out really hard over rope bondage and everything else I’ve mentioned.

Great to meet you 🙂