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Sexy Rope Bondage Photos

To be honest, I’m pretty run down today. Lots of socializing and scheduling and also I’m a bit hungover. I also need to finish a lesson plan for tomorrow’s rope bondage tutorial, which will have a component created just for rope bottoms, because rope bottoms can do a lot to make a bondage experience flow really well.

So while I’m still adding to Rope Connections this week, I’m going to make it a simple post.

Here are two fun photos I’ve been meaning to put up for awhile, because I really enjoyed making them happen and my interactions with that person. So here you go! Sexy rope bondage photos for the win.


It turns out tying over a a corset has some interesting effects (really even wraps, pinches the waist wonderfully, all that good stuff), which I’m definitely going to utilize when I get around to doing an actual photoshoot for pretty rope reasons.


And then there’s this one; and this one I just really, really like:


You think this photo is sexy? Imagine that, in real life, right in front of you. Words cannot describe how sexy this person and that moment was.

Mmph. Fuck I love my life.