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The Best Leg Tie Around

This leg tie is amazing in its adaptability.

What I really like about it is how simple it is; it starts off from a simple tie already shown early in this blog (The First Tie You Should Learn), incorporates the useful techniques shown in Three Ways To Improve The Look Of Your Bondage, and can be adapted for a multitude of different uses, and can be made more comfortable if need be very easily.

What I Would Use It For:

Everything regarding restricting legs. General restriction, forcing someone to kneel, connective tying, sexual bondage (because it provides good access), even suspension with some reinforcement on the bands and stems.


… I can’t actually think of any, off the top of my head. It’s a reasonably safe tie, because all the major blood vessels and vulnerable bits are on the insides of the legs, away from the rope.

So, let’s get started.

  1. Start with a single column tie around the ankle (refer to this post if you don’t know how to do that tie).
  2. After completing the column tie, push the ankle close to the thigh. Maintaining your tension, wrap the working end of your rope about as high up on the thigh as you can get it.

3. Continue spiraling the rope up the leg after the first wrap; at least three more is the norm. Make sure your wraps don’t go too high; you don’t want your rope slipping off over the knee.

4. Moving to the inside of the leg, slant your top wrap down so that it intersects with the middle wrap. Be careful to maintain your tension the whole time – you want your wraps to stay where they are.

5. At this stage, I like to use a Munter Hitch to create that intersection, and lock off my tension. Refer to Three Ways To Improve The Look Of Your Bondage for more detail on that.



6. Create a line of hitches going down

7. And after the last one, move your rope between thigh and ankle back to the base of the other side.

(Note: you don’t have to use Munter Hitches, simple twists of rope around the wraps will do, but it is more secure, and doesn’t it look freaking awesome if you use hitches instead?)

8. Now that you’ve moved back to the other side, wrap your rope around the bottom wrap again to form a cinch, and to lock the tension and the tie in place.


9.  Now move back up the bands, hitching as you go (these hitches are a little wonky because I didn’t do the middle one in the same direction as the top; still functional, but I totally broke the aesthetic. Let that be a lesson to you.)


10. Once at the top, create a Cow Hitch to lock off the tension (Again, refer to Three Ways To Improve The Look of Your Bondage) then feel free to use the rest of your rope however you like. I like to reinforce my stems by spiraling down the stem again, however other people like making additional wraps or doing all kinds of other things.



And here is the finished tie.

Now, I could have put a bit more time and effort into making this a bit more symmetrical and pretty, but it was a hot afternoon, and there was a lot to do. So I didn’t bother. You get the principles of it.

The tie doesn’t have to be done exactly this way; you can do ties of similar function while alternating the number of wraps, where they’re placed, etc. The important steps are:

  • starting off with your single column,
  • getting that ankle tight against the thigh
  • wrapping up from the very base of the thigh (but not too far up)
  • locking off tension between wraps
  • And adding cinches somewhere so the bands are locked in place and can’t be made to slide up over the knee.

Here’s an example of a very similar tie, made more comfortable by bunching the wraps together so the tension is more evenly distributed across the front of the shin.



Pro-Tip; adding additional evenly tensioned wraps will almost always result in a tie being more comfortable.

So here you go! This is very much my favourite kind of leg tie; you can use double column ties to do similar things, but personally I find this a lot more fun, and so do the people that I tie.

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These photos were taken by CBT42, an erotic photographer that I feel privileged to know. 

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  1. This tie is called a Futomomo for those trying to find it online.

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