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​Finding Partners And Teachers For Bondage – Pete Riggs

I’m writing this post in response to a very well written and politely worded email from a gentleman named Steve.
I’ve written a lot about learning how to tie and useful ways to practice, as well as why people enjoy bondage.
What I haven’t written about so much is how to find partners in your nearby community, and how to meet people with that common interest in rope or in being tied up,and building your reputation so that people feel safe to approach you.
So I’m going to lay out a few strategies, and then I’m going to leave a call to action for others to add additional ideas on the comments, because it’s a big wide world and it’s always great to get additional ideas from others who do this kind of thing.

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Apologies and Appreciation

Hi guys, sorry it’s been awhile. I’ve been working on a couple of new projects and I’m probably going to post about them soon.

In the mean time, I’ve just discovered that the site has NOT been notifying me of a lot of messages and feedback you’ve been leaving on the site… which means when I logged back in today, I got a hell of surprise! There’s a tremendous amount of useful advice and positive feedback. You guys are awesome and I have to say, I particularly appreciate the thank you notes.  It’s a huge boost to me to know that the information I’ve been putting up is helping you all, and I’m really enjoying the stories and the photos of successful good times.

It’s really amazing to see so many people trying new things and exploring new relationships, and even more amazing that you’re crediting me with thanks. Honestly, you’re all really brave for getting out there and trying new things and exploring; I’m really proud of you all! 

Hey, look. For all you guys that marked your feedback as confidential, I wanted to say I appreciate that. Sometimes I like to share success stories and things that have gone well for everyone, but I also don’t want to put up stuff that you’d prefer kept private. So good thinking, and thanks for the clear communication. It makes all of this easier. If anyone is particularly keen for me to share a story or a picture of their successful experience, again, let me know.

I will be posting again soon; one of the commenters supplied a really useful idea, so I’ll add my take to that and then invite others to comment, because we probably all have some useful experience and advice on the topic, so why not?

Happy tying, everyone. I’ll be in touch soon.