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The Booto Hip Harness

I honestly couldn’t decide whether to call this hip harness the “Booto” or the “Hot Cross Bum”, but I’ve decided to go with “Booto” because it’s shorter. This thing is really useful for partial and full suspensions, and potentially for increasing sensitivity on the ass as well, should you be keen on that sort of thing (think spanking and impact).

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Reader Feedback

I got an email from someone this weekend that was just really awesome, and I really enjoyed getting it.

Basically, this lovely woman and her partner had been thinking about getting into rope bondage, and when they actually went to get information on the rope etc, they found this website and found it really helpful. And so she sent the email and let me know that, and made me grin like you wouldn’t believe.

I’m really glad you guys are finding all this useful! It’s always really encouraging to get feedback like that. I hope you two had a fantastic night, and I’ll keep posting additional things so that more people can benefit from the information.

Thanks again, you rock!