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Month: May 2016

Preventing People From Undoing The Knots You Tied Them In

Every now and then we end up tying people who are determined to be… well, tricksy. Who will try and untie your knots and escape your rope. And sometimes that’s the nature of the game. “Let’s see how long it takes you to get out.”

And sometimes, we want to make life more difficult for such people.

So below is a very simple trick to make escape a lot more difficult.

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Knowing Rope Bondage Increases Your Chances Of Getting Laid

True story.

Reflecting on the last few years, and the increase in the availability of sex and interactions of the kinky and delightful nature, it’s an inescapable conclusion.

In the last few years, the number of potential and available partners has shot up. I’ve had on again off again relationships and then new relationships entirely, which has been a big factor in how many offers I’ve accepted and what was going on for me at the time, but what really stands out is just how much more available those chances became.

If I was in it purely for the sex, I would be one of the happiest people I know.

And yes. I am putting this down to knowing rope and rope bondage. I’ll detail my reasoning below.

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