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Month: November 2015

Negotiating Those Hot Bondage Times

Lately I’ve been thinking more about the importance of a good negotiation before doing rope with someone…. and how it contributes to preventing  potential disasters. Continue reading

Three Ways To Improve The Look Of Your Bondage

The beauty of shibari as a means of bondage is in the simplicity (it is actually really simple, which is why I like it).

But unless someone shows you how to do some of the awesome, foreign, amazing looking twists and turns, then it’s harder to pick up and your confidence won’t be great when it comes to “doing it right”.

So here are a few  very simple tricks which will seriously improve the look and function of your bondage, and also significantly help with confidence and general skill level. Continue reading

How Individual Relationships Completely Change Rope Bondage

You’d think that tying one person would be much like tying another…

But you’d be completely incorrect about that.   Continue reading

My Favorite Way Of Tying Wrists

There’s tying wrists, and then there’s tying wrists in such a way that it’s prettier, more inescapable, and pretty much guaranteed not to tighten down on your partner.

All of which I’m a fan of.

So today I’m going to share my favorite way of doing that.

Continue reading

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