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Knotted Vs Whipped Ends; The Update

Okay, so this post follows up on a previous post, regarding knotted versus whipped rope ends.

In that post, I detailed why at that time, I was a big fan of whipping rope ends, because it made life easier during the actual tying process, what with the flat profile and the way whipped rope ends didn’t catch as I tied someone and slid rope ends beneath other bands of rope, etc.

Turns out there’s a huge fucking catch with whipped rope ends.

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The Safety Series Part 3: Emotional Safety

There are a lot of times when it’s just not a good idea to do rope bondage.

In fact, the list of when I personally think it’s a terrible idea to do rope bondage is actually a lot longer than when I think it is a good idea.

And most of these things revolve around emotional safety. Sure, physical safety is very very important – as I went over in some detail in the Safety Series Part 2;┬ábut those are the obvious pitfalls.

Less obvious pitfalls are the emotional ones.

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Pete’s Notes On Rope Cleaning

PHOTO_20150716_142010As a general rule, I keep my jute rope pretty clean. Because I really like my rope; I put a lot of time into purchasing it, cutting it to the sizes I like, and treating it so that it becomes a joy to tie with as soon as possible.

So as you can imagine, I go to a lot of effort to take care of it.
I store it in bags, put it on high up shelves away from the floor, NEVER EVER TIE IN THE MUD, that sort of thing.
However, inevitably, it does become less than pristine. With the play I do, it’s bound to get sexual fluids and other stuff on it at some point. It’s going to need cleaning.

Below are my notes on doing that, based on research through my favorite rope forums and books.


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A Reader Writes About His Favorite Rope

This is a response email I got from a guy named Sean who had read my “What Kind Of Rope Is Best For Bondage” post. And you know what? I’m really impressed with the amount of work he put into his response.

I really enjoy interacting with those that comment on the blog. It’s a great opportunity to share knowledge and learn from others experience. There are so many of you out there with a lot to contribute, and I’ve learned from some of you already; which tells me that Rope Connections is doing what I created it to do, sharing and pooling knowledge so we can all develop our skills and enjoy rope and rope bondage together.

The reason why I’m putting this response into a post of its own is that I really feel this guy went the extra mile. He shared his story, his knowledge and experience, and some very practical information about the advantages of the rope he’s talking about, and where to get it.

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