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Rope Ends: Knotted Vs Whipped

There’s often a bit of a debate about how to finish your rope ends, whether to knot them or whip them.

They do need finishing, because otherwise your rope tends to unravel.

Honestly, I started off with knotted because it just seemed like the simplest way of doing it. It’s quick, easy, and takes no time at all. Just a quick overhand knot, and you’re done.

But after awhile, as I got more into rope, and I began enjoying the smooth flow of the movement and the interaction with people as I tied them, I began to encounter something that irritated me more and more over time.

This. This right here.

There’s something incredibly annoying about when you’re in the middle of a smooth pull, you’re in the zone, the person you’re tying is caught up in it all, and then your rope gets goddamned stuck as you pull it beneath some wraps or behind your stem.

And you have to pause, jerk at it, untangle it. It’s freaking frustrating! Because, as the Emperor says, it throws you off your groove.

You’re no longer feeling zen and caught up in the moment; you’ve experienced a spike of irritation which has messed with your scene. The person you’re tying may not have noticed, but you sure have.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve had that happen, and had it detract from the flow of the moment during a rope scene.

So I did some research.

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How To Join Your Rope

One of the best things about shibari is that the lengths of the rope you use are reasonably short and manageable.

Two joined lengths of rope

This means you don’t have to waste tremendous amounts of time pulling through enormous lengths of rope and risk getting it tangled around your feet, making you look silly.

That said, you do need to add on additional lengths from time to time, so this post shows how to do that.

One handed, no less.

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3 Different Rope Situations And What to Expect From Them

One of the most common causes of discontent regarding rope bondage is having vague, unrealistic expectations, or worse, floundering around because you just don’t know what you should or shouldn’t expect.

And that’s a troublesome thing – when you don’t know the expectations for a particular situation, it’s easy to entirely misjudge what’s going on or even what the point of what you’re doing is supposed to be.

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The Biggest Problem With Practice, and How You Can Fix It

So you’ve gone out, you’ve obtained your rope, and you’ve been reading this website and studying Youtube videos  and devouring the material.

This rope is tragically empty

You’re ready. It’s time to start practicing and developing your skills…

But there’s a problem. A big problem.

You have no one to tie! How are you supposed to practice and develop skills with no one to tie up and practice on?

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