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An Unexpected Peril of Practice

Hi guys!

I’ve come down with some annoying variant of plague this week, which has limited my ability to post to my usual standard, so really sorry about that – I’ll try and make it up to you with a video tutorial next week!

(It’ll be the first one I’ve tried, so I’m a bit nervous/excited about that; this website is helping me to do all kinds of new things and push my limits. Here’s hoping it goes well!)
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Why Would You Want To Tie Someone Up?

There are two reasons why I wrote this particular post.

1. The first is for myself. I think it’s really important to know why I do what I do; what I like about it, what I love about it. I think being able to articulate why I do this stuff – why I like to tie people – is really important in keeping myself motivated in learning more, and also in keeping my focus where it should be – having a really hot time with someone I want to have a hot time with.

2. The second is for you guys! For people who are interested in learning, and for people who just don’t understand why one person would want to tie another up, and what we get out of it.

I mean, people who enjoy being tied up probably don’t get it why it’s fun for someone to tie them up; they know how it feels to be tied, but why is it fun to do the tying?

So this post is for people who enjoy being tied, too. People who might like to know what it’s like on the other side of the rope.

So, where to begin?

Ah, yes.

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The Safety Series Part 2: Fixing Problems Before They Happen

So the last post was an overview of the physical risks with rope bondage.

It may have left a distinctly scary impression.

That was intentional.  There is a lot of risk with bondage. And it needs to be acknowledged.

That stuff CAN happen.

So today, I’m going to give you the knowledge you need to fix those problems before they even come up.
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