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Month: July 2015

The Safety Series Part 1: Physical Risk with Rope Bondage

So rope bondage risk and safety is fairly important to know if you’re going to be tying someone up, or being tied up.

I wasn’t planning to get to it quite so soon, but after my last post someone messaged me to ask that it goes up, as there is apparently not enough readily available information on that.

Okay, no problem.
There is a LOT to cover when it comes to safety. So I’ve decided to turn it into a sort of mini-series, splitting the topic into different posts.

I’m going to go ahead and state right now that while there is a lot that can go wrong, and it looks scary as fuck, most of it can be avoided by using common sense, getting to know each other,  both parties assuming equal responsibility for safety, and communicating instead of staying silent when something might be going wrong.
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What kind of rope is best for bondage?

This is the kind of question I come across all the time on rope bondage groups and at beginners workshops.

And the answer is, inevitably (drum-roll please):
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How I Dyed My Rope

I’m writing this post before I actually got my finished result, because I’ve just gone out to the garage and looked at the drying rope, and it looks fucking glorious. Just this absolutely beautiful, vibrant red. So fucking hot! Continue reading

Teaching is actually really cool

So last week I taught my first one on one bondage lesson, and holy hell, that was fun! Almost not like work at all 🙂

There’s something really satisfying about teaching a topic that I’m really passionate about. Especially when it’s a topic that once upon a time, not that long ago, I was really nervous and in the dark with.
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The Most Useful Tie You Will Learn


The most classic version of the two column tie; two wrists bound together

The TWO Column Tie!

This is probably the most classic way you’ll see bondage in any movie and most pictures.
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